Construction Workers Needed in Canada( by Safety Work Paving Co. Ltd)

A construction worker or labourer does manual labour on construction sites. Sites might be cleaned, items, materials, equipment’s might be loaded or unloaded, and dangers eliminated as part of preparation work. A general worker may also operate some pieces of machinery, erect scaffolding and other temporary buildings, and dismantle them as well. They are necessary for construction on highway, building projects, and environmental cleanup.

Job Information

Location: Kingston, Ontario ,Canada

Pay ranges: from $20 to $26 per hour for 40 to 50 hours per week.

Employer policies: long-term employment, Full time

Early in the morning,

Begin/Resumption date:  Beginning as soon as feasible

Job Requirements

Oral Communication: English language

Educational qualification: No diploma, certificate, or degree

Experience: Experience is a plus

Particular Skills

transfer, load, and unload building supplies; level the ground to a fine grade; rake as you pave asphalt.

Experience with machinery and equipment

Jumping Jack Trams, Sledgehammers, Concrete Saws, and Bobcats

Specialization in Construction

Residential; Driveways; Roads and bridges

Weight Management

Maximum 23 kilogramme (50 lbs)

Own equipment and tools

Hard helmet, safety vest, and steel-toed boots

Working Conditions

exterior/outdoor; dusty

Information about transportation and travel

Own vehicle; current driver’s permit/license

Physical requirements and working conditions

environment that moves quickly; repetitive duties; requiring physical effort

Location Information for Work

Several location

Personal Characteristics

Collaboration; dependability

Who may apply for this position?

Apply only if posses the following:

You have Canadian citizenship or are a Canadian permanent resident.

You possess a working visa for Canada.

Please do not apply if you are not permitted to work in Canada. Your application won’t receive a response from the employer.

Application process

via email

Through fax


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