Get One of the 6 Most In Demand Jobs in the UK 2022

Get One of the 6 Most In Demand Jobs in the UK 2022
Get One of the 6 Most In Demand Jobs in the UK 2022

The same demand and supply principle that applies in the world of business also applies in job market. The lower the supply of goods, the higher the demand, verse versa. On the other hand, the lower the supply of a certain skill, the higher the demand, verse versa. This means, once a certain job is in short supply, the demand for such skill will increase, the case study of what you are about to read in this article.

Well, it may interest you to know that if you are lucky enough to have any of the skills currently in high demand, you can expect higher wages and the ability to take your pick from competing job offers.

Interestingly, there are plenty of jobs in demand in the UK. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit-related changes, the UK economy is witnessing skills and worker shortages.

Having known this, we have decided to take a good look at the 6 most needed jobs in the UK with the view to arming you with the knowledge to enable you harvest your potential and take your dream to the promised land.

Before we continue, let us quickly give you the list of the 6 Most In Demand Jobs in the UK 2022 and their respective average salaries:

  1. Programmers and Software Developers £26,000
  2. Cyber Security Specialists £25,000
  3. Health Services and Residential Care £21,000 – £30,000
  4. Architects £28,000
  5. Graphic Designers £18,800
  6. Physical Scientists £29,000

As stated earlier, the UK government is having a shortage occupations list on the areas listed above. As a result, if you are applying for a work visa to the country, your chances of success are more if your profession falls within the areas listed above and you are duly eligible. Eligible applicants only need to be paid 80% of the jobs normal going rate to qualify.

1. Programmers and Software Developers

There is a very high demand of people with IT and software development skills in the UK. With average starting salary of £26,000, web programming and software development has become one of the lucrative jobs in the UK and even in the world at large.

Web programming and software development is associated with the following degrees: Software Design, Computer Sciences or Information Technology. Any one here can make you eligible for employment.

2. Cyber Security Specialists

Also in the list of seriously in demand jobs in the UK is the Cyber Security Specialists. These are trained personnel in the area cybercrime detection and security of the cyber space. The need for cyber security specialists has been at increase to the high rate of internet frauds and hacker’s activities around the cyber space. Cyber security specialists help private companies and government organizations in keeping people’s information safe in their websites. Start up salary is about £25,000.

An eligible cyber security personnel must have a degree in Information Systems, Cyber security or Cybernetics.

3. Health Services and Residential Care

Health they say it’s wealth. On this premise, no one ever wishes to take less care of his health. People visit hospitals and clinics often for medical treatments and examinations and they need proper attention from health experts. This has made health service jobs to be in high demands across the board.

Managerial and full-time nursing jobs are very lucrative in the UK. So, if you are thinking about retraining and love making a positive difference in people’s lives – this could be a fantastic career for you. This is not an easy career path but it is certainly rewarding. Average salaries of between £21,000 and £30,000.

You must have a degree in Health care, Nursing or Public Health.

4. Architects

Architecture also makes the list of the most wanted jobs in the UK. It is a job that requires a unique mix of skills – mathematics and engineering, creativity, communication and teamwork. For this reason, coupled with the danger posses any architectural error, training takes a minimum of seven years.

Salaries start around £28,000. If you are planning your studies and thinking long term – architecture is a sure for you.

You must have a degree in Architecture and Design or Architectural Sociology.

5. Graphic Designers

Imagery has taken the centerstage of the digital world and graphic designers are more in demand than ever. The skills of graphic designers have become indispensably essential in creating logos of and kind (whether government or any organization), digital banners, websites, packaging or traditional print. It is true that start up salary of a graphic designer (£18,800) is the lowest in the list, but with increase in experience will definitely attract increase in the salary.

To be employed in the UK as a graphic designer, you must have a degree in Graphic Design, Creative Arts or Computer Graphics.

6. Physical Scientists

It is obvious that the oil, gas and mining industries in the UK are currently facing a shortage of skilled scientists. It is for this reason that physical science roles are now among the most high demand jobs in the UK.

With starting salary of about £29,000, physical science jobs are now among the top lucrative jobs in the United Kingdom.

For you to work as a physical scientist in the UK, you must have a degree in Geophysics, Geology or Geochemistry.

There is no need delaying if you have the appropriate skills. These industries are really making great strides towards ensuring sustainability with opportunities for lessening their environmental impacts. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for your UK visa here and make your dream a reality.

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