Immigrate To Canada Through Marriage: Marry A Canadian Woman

One of the simplest methods to immigrate to Canada is to marry a Canadian. This is accurate since entering Canada via other ways will necessitate several years of professional expertise in a certain field.

While there may be a need to compare your work experience, academic credentials, and many other factors, being married to a Canadian woman will make it possible for you to migrate to Canada without trouble.

The non-Canadian party must submit a permanent residency application as the spouse of a Canadian and with the support of the Canadian party in order to achieve Canadian citizenship and residence. Within six to twelve months, the Canadian authorities will assess this application.

The marriage must be natural and not entered into with the purpose of obtaining citizenship; within this time, Canada’s Ministry of Immigration will confirm the sincerity and credibility of the union.

Using social networking apps like Facebook or marriage-related websites can help you find and select a Canadian wife. You can find out about them personally on these marriage-related websites, including their age, marital status, residence, and hobbies up until their arrival.

Canadian women frequently seek out young men who wish to settle down through marriage and are aware of the obligations of family life. You can quickly obtain residency in Canada if you marry a Canadian woman.

According to the State of Canada Act, the family gathering is on record.

Family Gathering Procedures: After you and your Canadian partner have decided to get married, you can start the paperwork for your family’s reunification after proving your marriage in one of two ways:

1. You can apply for a visa to enter Canada, sign a marriage licence there, and then submit a visa extension application. After your marriage has been approved by Canadian authorities, you can advance to residency and seek a Canada Family Reunification Application to extend your stay.

2. The marriage contract will be made when the Canadian girl visits you in your nation, and you’ll need to show it to the Canadian embassy there to obtain a visa for travel to Canada.

Under the understanding that the goal of marriage is to have a family and not just for immigration, Canadian law does not forbid an outsider from marrying a Canadian woman. Instead, it permits the pair to meet and live together in Canada.

Those who merely marry for citizenship and divorce soon after are not much liked by the Canadian government. Anyone caught is sent back to their country of origin right away.

you can meet Canadian women who are ready to settle/marry via:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Social media groups
  • Dating sites
  • and other social media platform


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