Unskilled Jobs at Nestlé Company in USA With Visa Sponsorship | Apply now

Unskilled Jobs at Nestlé Company with Visa Sponsorship in USA
Unskilled Jobs at Nestlé Company with Visa Sponsorship in USA

Are you driven by the passion to do something meaningful that changes lives? Your answer is “YES” we know. Nestlé is the place for you. Without any form of training or special skill, unskilled jobs at Nestlé Company in USA are available for you.

Nestlé company in USA is seriously in need of unskilled workers, with promise to assist in procuring visas for selected applicants. The vacancies consist of several jobs that do not require any special skill or training. Having any type of skill is however an added advantage to you.

Job Key points

  • Office: General Maintenance Technician
  • Salary: $19 per hour
  • Company : Nestlé Company, USA
  • Location: Cleveland, OH

Your responsibilities

You will be working as a General Maintenance Technician saddled with the responsibility of any or combination of the following duties:

  • Serving as plant maintenance worker and perform skilled and unskilled tasks in the maintenance and/or repair of buildings grounds equipment and machinery on a scheduled basis or in response to work orders or emergency calls to determine nature and extent of maintenance repairs or alterations required.
  • Making recommendations to Factory Maintenance, Planner Maintenance Supervisor or other supervisory as may be needed in terms of maintenance and repairs.
  • Carrying out needed repairs or maintenance in accordance with blueprints manuals building codes or other accepted quality work practices.
  • Dismantling machines or equipment to gain access to defective parts for repairs or replacements.
  • Cleaning and lubricating equipment when and where necessary.
  • Replacing light bulbs or fluorescent tubes, electrical fuses, lighting switches or repairing of electrical wiring.
  • Painting of walls, floors, woodworks and cleaning of plugged drains.
  • Clearing of snow as needed to provide access to buildings and parking during winter months.
  • Monitoring and repairing of building systems appliances and fittings.
  • Assisting in the continual development of the record keeping system to log servicing of equipment repairs etc. in addition to keeping neat record and accurate maintenance of same.
  • Assists in training other maintenance personnel as required.
  • Performing all job duties in accordance with the company’s safety guidelines.
  • Performing job rotations during scheduled workday depending on production needs.
  • Assuring regular and timely attendance per company guidelines.
  • Performing other duties as may be assigned by the company management.

All works are under the supervision of Engineering, who makes initial assignments of duties and who issues oral or written instructions on new or special assignments or when difficulties arise. Also works from preventative maintenance program plans, work orders, emergency calls, layout sketches, blueprints, drawings, work schedules and similar guidelines. Every work is subject to spot checks during progress and upon completion for compliance with instructions and workmanship that meet acceptable standards of quality.

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